Hay Springs Yaks

Yaks For Sale


We currently have more than 40 yaks that are registered or born to two registered parents for sale. We have a tax incentive to sell before January 1, 2018.

Bred cows and two-year-old heifers start at $2500, we have imperials, imperial trims, native trims, and native color variations in this category.

We have one award winning super-woolly bull, Armand. He turned three this year. 

We have a number of yearling heifers and bulls available, some were ribbon winners at the 2017 IYAK national show. In this age group we have royals, imperials, imperial trims, native trims, and native color variations available. 

We also have all color variations available among our 2017 calves.

Butcher age steers are available at $2.25/lb live weight. Yearling steers are $1300. Steer calves are $900.

There are too many yaks available to post pictures for all of them. I've posted a few pictures below. If you have any interest send us an email, telling us what you are looking for. I'll send you pictures, a price list, and a phone number.