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Ranch Happenings

2016 National Western Stock Show
We took 10 yaks to IYAK's National Show this year which takes place in Denver during the National Western Stock Show. We brought one yearling heifer sired by THY Yoda, one yearling bull sired by HSY Olar, one yearling heifer sired by HSY Batu, and six calves sired by SBR Wrangler. Yoda's heifer won a blue ribbon, Olar's young bull won a blue ribbon, Batu's heifer won a ribbon. Wrangler provided us with a blue ribbon heifer and the show's high point champion.

In total, we came back with 13 ribbons and one trophy.
2015 Calving Season
Calving started in April this year. Many of our cows gave birth in 2015 less than 10 months after they had given birth in 2014. Olar had his own harem in 2014, his calves look every bit as nice as those from Yoda and Wrangler! In the 2015 breeding season Olar will be a full partner. Here are a few pictures of calving season 2015.
Winter on the Ranch 2014-2015
2015 National Western Stock Show
We headed for the National Western this year with high expectations for Babe Ruth, and high hopes for the others. We entered yaks in two categories: yearling bulls, and fall bull calves. Our hopes were dashed when Babe Ruth only pulled in a red ribbon, but overall we were delighted by our results and the quality and professionalism of the judging. 
HSY Foster B090 was the second place fall bull calf. Foster also earned a third place ribbon in the yak fiber competition. The yak fiber competition is open to both genders and all age classifications. Foster will probably eventually be an outstanding bull for someone with a yak meat and and yak fiber operation.
HSY Babe Ruth A062 was the second place yearling bull.
HSY Ambrose A096 was the third place yearling bull.
HSY Armand B050 was the fourth place fall bull calf. Armand is the son of Yoda and Amber, a former grand champion female.
2014 Calving Season
2014 Yak Tipping
This mild tempered young bull is destined to be a valued pack animal.
Winter 2013-2014

Winter started with a bang this year. An October blizzard killed thousands of Angus cattle in the county. Our yaks just hunkered down and wondered what all the fuss was about. 

2013 Calving Season

Our last 2013 calf was born in October, bringing our total to 18. The summer of 2012's awful heat and drought reduced the fertility of the herd, and caused many calves to be born later in the season.We were a bit disappointed by the quantity of calves, but we were not disappointed by the quality. You'll find summer pictures of a few of the 2013 calves below.

2013 Crazy Horse Ride

The Annual Crazy Horse Memorial Ride traces the route that Crazy Horse's family took after they retrieved his body at Fort Robinson. On the second day of the ride, the riders have lunch at our place and then continue north and east to the Beaver Wall, where Crazy Horse is believed to be buried. After leaving the Beaver Wall, the riders continue north and east to the town of Pine Ridge in South Dakota. The ride lasts about five days. All of these pictures were taken on our ranch.
2013 National Western Stock Show

We had a reasonably good showing at the 2013 National Western Stock Show in Denver. Two of our bulls and one cow earned some recognition. Right now we are next planning to attend the National Western Stock Show in January of 2015.
2013 Early Season Yak Tipping

This may look cruel, but tipping a bovine either on a tilt table or in a hydraulic chute is the humane way to deal with some medical issues. 

2012-2013 Winter on the Ranch

2012 Calving Season
2012 Crazy Horse Ride
The annual Crazy Horse Memorial Ride begins every year at Fort Robinson where Crazy Horse was killed, and ends almost one week later on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. On the ride's second day, the riders have lunch at the ranch and then continue up the west ranch boundary on their way to overnight at the Beaver Wall, Crazy Horse's presumed resting place.  These photos of the 2012 ride, were all taken on our ranch.

Here is a link to a Lakota page about the Crazy Horse ride:

http://nativeprogress.org/index.php option=com_content&view=article&id=264&Itemid=179