Hay Springs Yaks

Meet the Bulls

The bulls make up 50% of the herd's DNA, so we don't take any shortcuts when it comes to them. We feel that we have one of the finest teams of yak bulls in North America.

If you examine the pedigree of almost any award winning North American yak, you will find GHF Queen Allante listed. Queen Allante was a legendary producer of outstanding bulls. Queen Allante's last calf was our bull Yoda. Yoda has certainly proven himself worthy of his pedigree. You'll likely find some of his children on our FOR SALE page.
Here's a link to a baby picture of Yoda with his mother shortly before she died. The link will open in a new window. <Baby Yoda with Queen Allante>
In the fall of 2013 we replaced our bull Rex when we bought Wrangler from Richard Grossmann of Sheron Prairie Ranch. We were looking for a larger bull than Rex with a pedigree having less in common with Yoda. From the various candidates we selected Wrangler, a bull we had admired for two years. Click on his pictures, and you'll admire him too. Wrangler's first contributions began arriving in August 2014, and right away he gave us a winner! Wrangler's August 2014 calf, HSY Foster, won two ribbons at the 2015 National Western Stock Show. Foster is now a resident of Minnesota. At the 2016 National Western Stock Show Wrangler gave us the High Point Champion, and a double blue-ribbon winning heifer calf.

HSY Olar

Our 2011 yak crop produced two outstanding bulls. One of them, HSY Batu, is living in Steamboat Springs Colorado - where he is doing what bulls do. We kept Olar, and he has developed into a fine bull. Olar is Yoda's half-brother, normally Yoda and Olar share breeding responsibilities in our largest breeding group. Olar's very first calf became a blue ribbon yearling bull at the 2016 National Western Stock Show. 

Olar and his 2014 harem had second jobs as ear tag models. You can see them here:  http://www.sagebrushtags.com/GalleryYTEX2pc

HSY Ambrose

Ambrose has had his own  breeding group since 2016. He 's produced a number of outstanding calves. Every calf of Ambrose has been a royal or an imperial trim. In fact we've had a number of imperial trims born to gray nosed dams. Ambrose's pink nose hides the genes for his black nose. Ambrose is both a royal and an imperial.