Hay Springs Yaks

About Us

About Us
We believe that Hay Springs Yaks has North America's second largest herd of registered yaks and is North America's largest producer of raw yak fiber. We breed outstanding bulls and heifers as seed stock for other ranchers. 

Our yaks are naturally grass fed. We use no steroids and no growth hormones. We absolutely do not supplement diet with antibiotics. When our animals need hay, we feed certified organic hay  We pride ourselves in raising healthy and contented yaks. 

Hay Springs Yaks is located in the heart of America's historic Pine Ridge. The ranch stretches more than a mile from the banks of Little Bordeaux Creek up into some of the wildest parts of the ridge. We've spotted mountain lions and bobcats on the ranch. Regular welcome visitors include elk, mule deer, white tail deer, and turkeys. We get our share of less welcome visitors too: raccoons, skunks, rattlesnakes, coyotes.

Below you'll find photos showing some of our daily scenery and current residents.